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Uncompromised animal health care with the finest quality vet services, diagnostic equipment and up-to-date treatment regime.

We offer the finest quality vet services that include medical, surgical, imaging, diagnostic and dental services.

We also have in-house laboratory which qualify our veterinary facility as a one stop solution for your pet’s health and medical needs. The following services are available in our medical referral centers & veterinary clinics:
  Preventive Medicine

Vaccination, Deworming, Heartworm Prevention, Neutering, Ectoparasite Control.
  Internal Medicine

Evidence-based and Problem-oriented diagnostic approach.
  In-house Laboratory Services

Complete Blood Count (CBC), Biochemistry Profiles, Serology Test, Peripheral Blood Film Examination, Cytology, Urinalysis, Fecal Examination, Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (PCR).
  Diagnostic Imaging

Computed Radiography, X-ray Machine, High End Ultrasonography and Echocardiography.
  Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery

Well Equipped Operating Room with Gas Anaesthetic Machine and Patient Monitoring System.

Ultrasonic Dental Scaling and Polishing, Tooth Extraction.

Comprehensive skin examination, allergy screening test, allergy panel test, endocrinology related disease screening.

Cancer diagnosis and treatment recommendation, Chemotherapy and Special Overseas Treatment Referral including Permit Application.
  Nutritional Advice

Weight loss and weight gain program, life staging nutrition, Daily supplement requirement.
  Pet Transport and Veterinary House call Service

Our well equipped vehicles and experience staff responds to all your transportation needs.
  Pet Wellness Program (coming soon)
Pet wellness program coming soon.
  Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)  Practice and Acupuncture Treatment 

Non-surgical alternative therapy that has proven to respond to musculosketal conditions, lameness, cardipvascular diseases, neurological and gastrointestinal disorders.